A documentary celebrating the legacy of Street Fighter 2!

Heres Comes A New Challenger will arrive later this year! A feature length documentary to celebrate 30 years of Street Fighter II.

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Here Comes A New Challenger

Here Comes A New Challenger, will detail the origins of the gaming phenomena that is Street Fighter II and how it impacted the lives of kids and teenagers worldwide.  It will explore not just the tournament aspect of the series, but what made it special to players who didn’t have the opportunity to play it in the arcades but in the comfort of their own home. Bedrooms and living rooms became the arcade as children challenged their friends to become champions of the playground.  

Poster by artist Micah Brooks

Poster produced by artist Doug Hills

The documentary will look at how we, the players, became better at the game through reading the players guides religiously, learning tricks from gaming magazines as we saw the series take over the world as merchandise and toys appeared across supermarket isles and the hype surrounding a live-action film starring action superstar Jean Claude Van Damme had us giddy with excitement!

The story will be a nostalgic trip back to the early 90s as we saw arcades come to the home through the new 16-bit consoles and discuss why the game has lasted all these years and why 30 years on, its legend still burns brightly.

The original Street Fighter from 1987 and other fighting games during the 80s will be discussed as the groundwork establishing what Street Fighter introduced and its failure to make an impact as Capcom went back to the drawing board to think of new ideas to improve upon their new franchise with their sequel – Street Fighter II.  Will explore its success, its cultural impact, and why it changed the face of the fighting game genre, and how it rejuvenated the arcade scene. 

We will also look at the upgrades to Street Fighter 2 that kept gobbling up our pocket money and loose change with Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, Super: The New Challengers, Super Turbo and explore why were these important to us, how did these updates improve the game and why were they implemented.  Plus will highlight the sneaky bootleg versions that popped up in local shops and arcades.

Other aspects of the franchise that we’ll explore will include:

  •  Toys & Merchandise – how did the success of Street Fighter II drive the endless amounts of merchandise, what toys and merch we loved as fans and ones that left us disappointed.  
  •  Strategy Guides – the importance of them and which ones provided the best source of information on how to become a better player. Plus will cover explore the extensive coverage by video game magazines during the 90s. 
  •  The Music – The incredible theme tunes provided to the game and the soundtracks that become part of our youth. 
  •  The conversions to the home consoles with ports to the Super Nintendo, PC Engine, Gameboy, Mega Drive & 3DO, and the creaky ports to the home computers for the Spectrum, Commodore 64, AMIGA, and PC-DOS. 
  •  Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie – why it worked for the fans and its faithfulness to the video game. Will explore the differences between the various cuts and change of music for western audiences plus the strange FMV game for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn.
  •  Street Fighter: The Movie – The hype surrounding the live-action film, the cast, its success at the box office, and its failure with critics & fans and of course cover the arcade game and ports to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn!
  •  Re-releases and 30 years on – the compilations of SF2 released over the years and why the game is still played and adored by gamers today! 
Interview with director Oliver Harper

From the director of ‘In Search of the Last Action Heroes‘, Oliver Harper has brought back his colleagues for this new production and collaborated with the talented guys at FINAL-FILM who have worked for BMG Records, 20th Century Fox and New Retro Wave to help bring a very cinematic look to the documentary. 

Oliver Harper – Director, Producer and Writer

Timon Singh – Producer and Writer

Audi Sorlie – Producer

Christopher Stratton – Cinematography and Motion Graphics.

Christopher Stratton & Robert James – Editors

Daniel Wallulis, Jim Kunz, Matt Marzulo, Nathan Claridge, Robert James and Vanessa Vann  – Additional Cinematography.

Witt Reese – Associate Producer and Copywriting.

Peter Bruce, Micah Brooks and Doug Hills – Art Director.

Alexander Haber, Craig Mastrototaro, Damien Jackson, Napoleon Dozier, Quang Nguyen, Ray Abed, Stuart Ashen and Tanner Beard – Executive Producers

In Search of the Last Action Heroes Poster
Christopher Stratton, Oliver Harper and Robert James

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